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We understand that purchasing a property is one of the biggest transactions of your life. We also understand value for money, and that a comprehensive and accurate report is important to you.

That's why our local inspectors are licensed builders with over 20 years experience. We offer an efficient 24hr report turn around time and are committed to ensuring that the building inspection process is hassle free.

At Latitude Building Inspections, we are passionate about providing reports that are easy to read and give you the ability to make an informed decision when purchasing a property in Bowen or the Whitsundays.

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"With short notice, we felt relieved to have had Scott do our building inspection.

The report was handed back to us so promptly and we were amazed with the detail that went into it.

Scott's attention to detail is second to none and we were so grateful to have had his professional opinion.

We would highly recommend Scott for your next Pre Purchase Building Inspection."

Zac & Anna

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Latitude Building Inspections specialises in pre-purchase building inspections for residential and commercial properties.

In most cases, we can organise to inspect the property by the next business day and deliver your report within 24hrs, meaning you have plenty of time to go through the details and make a decision about the property.


Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

A pre-purchase building Inspection is undertaken when a buyer is finalising the purchase of a property. It is also undertaken by sellers who want to know the condition of their property before they put it on the market. The inspection is a visual appraisal of the condition of the property. Its purpose is to identify existing issues, defects or areas of concern. This inspection is carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard 4349.1. The report is broken into two main sections – major defects and minor defects. The major defects section will report on any areas of the property that show major structural damage or present major safety hazards. This is the area of the report that you should pay most attention to, as these defects may be costly to repair. The minor defects section will identify any areas of the property that show minor damage, general wear and tear and issues that require maintenance. Minor defects can include issues such as cracked tiles, poorly maintained cabinetry or chipped paint. These are not areas of serious concern, but could be used in negotiations when purchasing the property. Throughout the report, your building inspector will use high quality photos and descriptions to describe each issue, so you have a complete understanding of the properties condition. If you’re present at the inspection, your inspector will also walk you through the property to explain any major issues.

Swimming Pool Safety Inspections

From 1st December 2010, all swimming pools on regulated land in QLD are required at the time of sale or lease of their property to have a pool safety inspection conducted by a licensed pool safety inspector and be issued with a pool safety certificate stating that the pool complies with the new pool safety laws and standards. As licenced pool safety inspectors, Latitude Building Inspections provides pool safety certificates that Bowen and Whitsundays residents can trust. We offer a variety of services for swimming pool safety including pre purchase pool certification inspections as well as pool safety certificates and consultations. Our trouble-free service can provide you with practical, quality advice if you are not compliant with the current pool safety legislation. We offer fixed pricing that is not only competitive, but has no hidden fees or charges.

Methamphetamine Testing & Detection

Latitude Building Inspections has fully trained and qualified Meth Testing and Screening technicians located in Bowen and The Whitsundays that service the area and surrounds with quick response times. Methamphetamine (also known as Meth and Ice) residue is a direct result of residents smoking meth within your property, it is invisible, with no odour and can only be detected through proper testing. Contaminated properties can be harmful for tenants and there are cases of tenants suing landlords and Property Managers as a result of health issues incurred from living in Meth contaminated properties. Meth contamination or meth residue in living environments is a current problem that is not going to go away. Australia has the largest number of meth user per capita in the English speaking world. The issue of meth residue contamination is a real concern. Our fully trained technicians will conduct spot testing of the rooms at your property to determine if there is any evidence of Meth residue. Results are instant and we aim to have a report back to you within 48hrs. Unlike other testing methods, we can identify the location of contamination on our first visit and if required can immediately arrange for positive tests to be sent straight to the lab for detailed analysis on the same day. Meth contamination can cause a range of health complications including breathing problems or resiratory irritation, skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. If a positive result is returned and the premises requires decontamination, it is recommended that this be performed by a commercial cleaner specialising in decontamination.